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(GTARP) GTA Roleplay Rules

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(GTARP) GTA Roleplay Rules Empty (GTARP) GTA Roleplay Rules

Post by The DicTATER 03 on Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:03 pm

Everybody must get food by the end of the 2nd day of RP!

Trust-Break it once u will never get it back.

You cannot take action in roleplay unless you see it happen. Make sure that if somebody does something and you are trying to tell the police that you say their description and build not just their gamertag.

Fear Factor-Fear applies to a RP player when you have a weapon pointed at you and a player RP robbing,hostage taking,raiding,stealing,etc towards you. This means you cannot do anything unless you are on drugs that take away fear factor. If you are being fear factored by a player you must comply and then report it to the police.
If you are in a car or truck (no motorcycles) you can try to get away, but only as a first response. You can't wait until after the gunman makes a demand to flee.

RD/(Random Destruction)-No destruction of Los Santos without roleplay reason.

Player Destruction- Whenever you get into an accident depending on how hard the collision was or how it happened will depend on if you need a tow truck. Tow truck will have to remove wreckage and you will be fined.

Death- Head on collision-Your player will be killed.
Explode-Car must be replaced at set price.

Serious Injury-Hospitalization up to 15 minutes--Depending on whose fault may not need to pay-Tow truck will have to come and move the car.

Serious Injury-
Multiple car crash
Hard wall impact

Minor Injury-
Small crash
Fender bender
Rear end

Player Griefers-Complaining about legit RP kills or stuff that happens in RP. If u don't think so talk to an admin in private and let them figure it out. Don't be annoying or you may be kicked. If you think you were player griefed contact a SG Team member and explain to them the story.

New Life Rule/NLR-If you are killed, you forget the last day and don't get your pay for the day.

Assgunning= Pulling out a gun that would not be able to be concealed. If u are in a vehicle, you may get out and use those weapons. If u are in your house u may pull out your weapon unless u have been put into fear factor mode-

RandomDeathmatching/RDMING-Killing another player without roleplay reason.

Meta Gaming-No using something that you heard OOC or that your character doesn't know to benefit anyone.

Powergaming-No using something out of character to benefit anybody or forcing somebody to do something unless it is Roleplayed. Including paying someone with real money or anything else to get something in RP.

Player Killing-Be sure u contact an SG Team if you are taking stuff from a player. You will be able to take any items the player has on them (not cash). Do not cheat with this. There will be consequences. Takes 30 seconds to steal their items if they are dead.

Death-When killed, you will have to wait at a hospital for 5-10 minutes.

Resident Rule- Maximum of 100 drugs and 100 guns per property owned.

Carrying Rule-
1 one handed weapon
2 two handed weapon-Must be in your car and cant be assgunned.
1 melee

If you ever kill anybody or get blood on yourself under any circumstance you must buy new clothes so you don't get caught.

Legal Jobs-

Law Enforcement Chief
Swat Officer
Law Enforcement Officer
Real Estate and Banker
Mechanic/Auto Body
Professional Driver
Supply Truck Driver
Taxi Driver
Food Employee
Construction Worker
Garbage Man

Gundealer=Receives all money from Legal gun sales.
Legal Weapons:
Combat Pistol
Heavy Pistol
SNS Pistol
Pump Action Shotgun
Sawed Off Shotgun
Double barrel
Other Melee
Jerry Can

Illegal Jobs-
Mob Boss/Gang Leader
Hired Gun

Illegal Guns-
AP Pistol
Micro Smg
Assault SMG
Assault Shotgun
Carbine Rifle
Advanced Rifle
Special Carbine
Hunting Rifle
Heavy Sniper
Marksmen Rifle
Combat MG

Drugs And Prices-
1 gram = $70
8 ball = $160
Quarter = $320
Ounce = $2000
Qp (Quarter Pound) = $8000
Half Pound = $18,000
Lb = $36,000
Kilo = $86,000

1 Gram = $15
8th = $40
Quarter= $80
Ounce= $280
Qp = $900
Hp = $1800
Lb = $3600

(Must buy weeks worth of heroin if using. Considering its highly addictive!)
a weeks supply of Heroin = $800
Kilo= $100,000

Crystal Meth-
(Must buy 3 day supply if using)
3days supply- $800
Kilo = $80,000

1 Script (30 qty)= $320

Xanax -
1 Script ( 60 qty)= $500


College Perk-1 minute of being at the college per day in RP
1 RP of college=Associates Degree-1.25x for civ, 1.5 for gov
2 RPs of college=Bachelors Degree-1.5x for civ, 2x for gov
3 RPs of college=Masters Degree-2x for civ, 2.5x for gov

Must buy lockpicks from The DicTATER 03 or FRO5TY D to steal cars(even if unlocked)

If you are really close to dieing or you know your going to lose a fight roleplay it and you might be able to get out of it if you beg for forgiveness...They may show mercy depending on character

Always stay in character during the roleplay if you aren't trying to be in character while talking to them please say OOC(Out of Character) This will enable whatever you say cannot be used against you during the roleplay. If somebody used this to their advantage this would be an example of meta-gaming.

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(GTARP) GTA Roleplay Rules Empty Re: (GTARP) GTA Roleplay Rules

Post by EJEscalade14 on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:58 am

Perks Extended:

Detective Perk:
Automatically granted to Detective of Police force
Allows you to meta game one aspect of a crime scene per role play for three roleplays or until at least one felon involved in the crime is found.
These aspects can be fingerprints (gamertag) Tiretracks (vehicle used) or Eye witness (description)
NOTE: if there are actually witnesses, you don't need detective perk to use the eyewitness ability. That ability is only if there are no players that witnessed the crime.
This perk does not involve using the map to find a player.

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