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Zombie RP Rules

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Zombie RP Rules Empty Zombie RP Rules

Post by The DicTATER 03 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:04 pm

4 Classes - Survivor, Bandit, Marshal, Zombie

- any melee weapon
- Must wear animal/zombie mask
- No pretending you’re a human

-You get 3 lives
-If you get killed by a player you lose one life, once you lose all 3, you are a zombie
-killed by zombie means you are a zombie

Pistols- All Except Marksman Pistol ,Heavy Revolver, Double Action, and AP Pistol
Shotguns- Any pump shotgun
SMGs- All except for the Gusenberg, MG, and Combat MG
Snipers- None
ARs- Carbine Rifle(M4) & Assault Rifle(AK)
No bullets other than regular & tracer

-Become a bandit by killing 2 human players
-Must wear a ski mask or half mask
-Bandit you will receive the Double Barrel Shotgun, double action revolver, regular sniper

-To become a Marshal you have to kill 2 Bandits
-As a Marshal you receive 1 extra life, all SMGs including MG and Combat MG, sweeper shotgun

-Max survivors in a group is 3 people
The DicTATER 03
The DicTATER 03

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Zombie RP Rules Empty Re: Zombie RP Rules

Post by diyExpiredMeme on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:17 pm

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